Fabric & Technology Display System.

Fabric & Technology Display System

ABSOLUTELY® is a complete set-up systems, that combines all the features necessary to create a functional, dynamic and exciting set-up in a single solution.


ABSOLUTELY® is based on the use of aluminium frames and fabric enhanced by the addition of a wide range of accessories and multimedia supports. ABSOLUTELY® elements can house dynamic back lighting, noise reduction, sound diffusion and single module handling systems.
ABSOLUTELY® is an innovative system that completely revolutionises the space furnishing and set-up concept and allows retail, corporate and expo spaces to be designed
with a fluid and creative layout.
It revolutionises the space furnishing and set-up concept


One combination, multiple solutions.
Transform your way to design and furnish space with aluminium and fabric structures. They are flexible, versatile and customisable.


Dynamic images, intense colours.
Make your set-up exciting. You can fully exploit the colours of your images and make them interactive with lightbox, thanks to the dynamic led back lighting design.


Versatile and functional walls.
Set up your equipped walls choosing from a wide range of shelves, hangers and drawers. You can move and secure your furnishing accessories directly to the structures or using convenient magnetic supports.


Immersive and captivating.
Set-ups truly capture your audience’s attention. You can make your set-ups interactive thanks to the addition of multimedia and interactive technologies.


Acoustic effects, reduced noise.
Choose the right atmosphere for your space. Reduce echoes with soundproofing panels and play the music you prefer with built-in sound systems.


Dynamic spaces in evolution.
Turn, move, open, close, slide elements in your set-up. Just a few simple gestures to change the layout and make your space dynamic.

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